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 Live at One-2-One was recorded live on February 22nd at the One-2-One Bar just before the outbreak of COVID-19. “Did You Come To Have A Good Time'' is usually the set opener when you go to see Boogaloo, this song has William Wright on Trombone playing some back up parts. “Harassment” is the group’s homage to the late great tenor saxophonist, Eddie Harris who was one of the 1st saxophonists to use effects. “Shctetl” is a small village in Russia where the roots of Klezmer music was born. Boogaloo’s shows how genres don’t really mean a thing, starting off slow and ending the song with almost a punk feel. The next song is “And now there’s two” was written by Ari when his daughter Gabi was born. The song has a very energetic feel with

two main sections with a hint of a little lullaby. “Spirit of the Bayou” takes you right back to New Orleans with its jazzy funk feel, killer organ and guitar solos. The last song on the album is “Funk in the Trunk” Boogaloo’s favorite crowd pleaser with driving solos and a fun chorus to sing along with.


 This album was also recorded at Michaux Studios and had some of Boogaloo’s friends on jam. The recording starts with “Propane and Propane Accessories'' which features Swift’s student Blaigne Sixton on Alto Sax. For The Master the group called on Wyatt Corder on Trumpet and William Wright on Trombone. “Palladium” is one of the group’s anthems where it starts off with a soul groove and then goes very quickly to south of the border with a piano montuno followed by a tenor sax solo and tasty guitar solo by Jon Simpson. “Soul Washington Jr.” pays tribute to saxophone legend Grover Washington Jr. who influenced Ari on all his instruments. The group invited Marcus Caldwell on Alto sax for a lovely sultry solo. Deluge is a

little homage to soul jazz of the late 60’s influenced by greats like Jimmy Smith, Melvin Seals, Lonnie Liston Smith & Brotha Jack McDuff. The closing track on this record is “JB”, going out to the late great James Brown, who isn’t influenced by him. Mike Shields guests on trumpet, laying down 5 trumpet parts to make the section sound full.


 Liberate is Boogaloo’s 3rd 4 song EP. This recording was completed at Michaux TV Studios. Boogaloo was the first band to livestream for Michaux TV as well as providing the song “Funk In The Trunk” for the series ending credits. The EP starts off with the high energy song “Caffeine Overdose” Then going into the album title “Liberate” showcasing Ari on vocals singing about loving your neighbors as your friend and dancing the night away with your friends.


 This is Boogaloo’s sophomore album recorded and engineered by Jon Simpson. This 4 song EP showcases the group’s love for good vibes and positivity with Mista Swift singing on “Gonna Be A Good Day”. Algorythem is another Afrobeat song that features Ari’s beautiful flute work and Jon Simpson’s mastery on the guitar. Andy takes an incredible solo on Deep Eddy to show his love for 70’s style synthesizers.


 This is Boogaloo’s first all original studio recording recorded back in 2010 engineered by Matt Smith. The sound is a mixture of Funk, Latin, Afrobeat and Soul. Boogaloo started out as a trio and has Ari Dvorin-Ginsberg on Saxophones and Flute, Andy Rumelt on Organ and Keyboards and Charles “Mista Swift'' Phillips on Drums, Percussion and Vocals. The group is joined by Felipe Borero on Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion on Cumbia and Hard Times. Matt Smith also laid a rippin’ solo on Hard Times.

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